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On the road again!

July 22, 2010 6:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
Well, we’re finally back on the road again!  Thanks to all the hard work from The Southern Truck Center just outside of Birmingham, we’re leaving town with what feels like a brand new bus and are heading westward toward Dallas, TX as I’m writing this.  It feels good to be moving, and I think we’re all looking forward to the rest of our tour with newfound energy.  Because of the week spent with repairs, we’ll miss Zion National Park, and we had to reschedule a few of our events in Arizona, but our West Coast schedule will fortunately stay intact (barring other major breakdowns, of course).  Check our itinerary for updated dates of the rest of our tour.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the Dowd and Selden families in Birmingham, AL.  Without them, our week hiatus from driving would have been…painful.  The Dowd’s warmly welcomed us into their home for a good week longer than we were expecting to be there, and we are eternally grateful for their unbelievable generosity and hospitality.  Thanks for feeding us, giving us warm showers and a pool to swim in, and even taking the group to a week-end retreat at the lake house!  Thank you to the Selden’s for some delicious meals, and for bestowing upon us our very own guardian “god” to watch over us for the rest of the tour; we are now proud owners of a “Vulcan” statue (check it out here), which is sitting on our dashboard as we make our way west!  Both families did wonders to keep our spirits up as we awaited our bus’s fate, and we can’t say enough how much we appreciate all of their support.

Rob will post soon with a full mechanic’s update of our travails, so look out for that.  For now, we’re driving with full steam ahead and can’t wait for our next round of adventures.  Thanks to everyone we’ve met along the way for all of your support and good wishes, we couldn’t do this without you!
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