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July 15, 2010 8:17 pm Published by 1 Comment

Despite the logistical curve balls involving our current mechanical issues in Birmingham, we modified our events accordingly.  In this case, our event at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham continued successfully while the Bus was in the shop.  I must say, being at the Science Center brought back the child in me (if it has actually left).  Before even stepping foot in the building I was already overwhelmed by the exciting alternative fueled cars parked outside including a propane powered go-cart, a natural gas powered truck, and an ethanol powered police cruiser.  BGB is all about environmental awareness and action and this event exemplified the future of alternative fuels.  The future of fuels most likely won’t be propane or natural gas but the simple showcase of an array of possible choices is the best part. Within a few steps of stepping into the McWane Center I caught a glimpse of what looked like a Lotus Elise exotic sports car but I quickly realized that it was more eccentric than a Lotus.  It was an electricity-powered sports car made by San Francisco-based company Tesla Motors.  Although I was caught drooling for the first five minutes in the Science Center, I also got reminded that everyone should know about electric cars if they don’t already.  Battery and electric car technology is still being developed and is far from perfected but the more awareness and demand for it, the more likely resources will be invested into the development of more effective batteries and better ways to generate electricity.  Last week, New York opened it’s first electric car charging station and every day more people are getting curious about alternative fuels.  Coming from the Big Green Bus, this is excellent news.


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